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April cold air high-income earners do not face the workplace into a dead end

April, despite the warm sun is high spring out of the window, the job market has been quietly hit the cold air. Most of those who have paid higher in March found a favorite in-laws, but there are still some high-income earners wasted time, inadequate preparation, all kinds of random chance and jeopardize aircraft.

These people are not inadvertently switch to higher-paid, only because of job-seekers stick to the original rules, some efforts that rely on their own will be able to complete a new career move, but I do not know this already has changed market conditions in April, alone existing rules are not in this job in April the workplace was "pay machine."

CHR can be sharp professional consultants cases

Mr Chong is an outstanding sales director, his service is a highway in a high-tech companies, telecom system vendors and other charges. Although several men soldier, but mainly by Mr Chong business, he had 10 million individual performance each year. Because of its quality, the high cultural level, so most of his customers to order back. Mr Chong's friends are many, but also good at socializing, customers are willing to communicate with him. As the industry are in contact with the Secretary, the Director, CEOs, particularly high level of customer level, soldier who went to get it working, most of the time had to rely on him personally.

April talent flow, Mr Chong is also the chance of them smell. In this company for two years to create such a performance, he has full confidence of their own. Just throw him to the ball of executive search, recruit sales director of a large multinational, Mr Chong felt in terms of treatment or career prospects, all are good opportunities, and so he went.

However, while the host and guest speaking on background, but a reflection of search, it seems unlikely to succeed. Mainly due to the charge of transnational companies that, despite Mr Chong has a good performance, but is somewhat lacking in management may not have reached maturity for a large-scale group.
Mr Chong puzzled, are proud of the key to successful job performance is not it?

CHR can be sharp analysis of professional consultants

We asked Mr Chong, the current performance of the company whether it could do better, he said, can, however, suffer from his lack of time and energy are limited, so be it.

Mr Chong did our ability to test further the professional status and career management test, Mr Chong was found in the social competence and decisiveness, both got very high marks, but in organization and management capabilities are the general points.

Through the analysis of Mr Chong, the answer is ready to come out: he is currently in the main by the company in support of several managers, marketing managers are positioning their own roles in the Great salesman, they more often went to the front line face customers, their orders to take back to ourselves. Can be said that company was grow up, difficult to scale in industrial production, a very important reason is that the manager made a mistake, that is organized not use body position and not standing organizers organizations, has been in the use of personal power, rather than using the power of organization.

If that is a small company Shangju can single-handedly, so to a large multinational group, this set of naturally unpopular, even the best performance, if not good management, of course, can not afford the post of director of sales.

CHR can be sharp professional consulting solutions

If Mr Chong hopes to continue in the smaller company's development, his current performance has lead him to find a good club, but if you want to large companies, it can not suffer into a dead end, in the shortest possible time, up and down in the details in some detail.

One of the modern marketing manager's role is not myself, but we do organizations, recruitment, training, management, command, access to market through a team more successful. So, Mr Chong at least should be a time when discourse with recruiters actively talked about his understanding of management and systems go.
Inspired us, Mr Chong was recalled to the new tactics of the sales staff to do training, have their own experience with a number of management books, compiled over a training data, from the sales staff attitudes, skills, knowledge, appearance clothing, body language, civilization, language and psychological qualities of 11 clear, and conduct exercises in the training until the master. We advised him to enrich the data integration and appropriate, made a dedicated sales staff on manual, later proved, the employer had had to see this detailed training in information systems, management capacity has been on Mr Chong change.
In our proposal, Mr Chong with another large electric company human resources director interviews, in addition to the performance of his pride, but also talking about the building enterprise systems for management and their experiences and demonstrate some of his practice, at present, that company has sent a clear intention, hope had completed 51 long holiday, Mr Chong can become a member of one of them.

CHR can cause sharp professional consultants, president and chief career counselor, Mr. Bian Bingbin that

In the beginning the company created, managers create a more performance based on single-handedly led the soldiers to make the company the right track, but when the company developed to a certain size, the requirements of the managers will naturally be increased. If you do not clearly distinguish between the real needs of the company, simply to performance theory, may not have absolute odds.
Excellent personal management company is not good, but its build quality systems; is precisely because of good management system built. Under the conditions of perfect competition, the competitiveness of enterprises in the final analysis is the competition between systems, as a general manager of the important role of marketing is to build the system, winning.

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corelDRAW 10 produced two wonderful examples

corelDRAW 10 produced two wonderful examples

Hello, everybody, we met again, I do not know the knife was still on the back to do it? Looked at results of their efforts, heart is not very comfortable, and I too! Today we do a pen, making simple, just hope that through this section so that we can skillfully applied weld (weld) this tool.

Results shown in Figure 2-1.

The cases include pens and pen to take the drawing, in the creation process, we use a weld (welding), fountain fill tool (gradient fill tool), interactive transpareney tool (interactive transparency tool) and the drop shadow tool (interactive shadow tools). Hope that through this section of the study, these tools can have some idea.

Specific production steps:

1. Click the icon to create a new graphic file.

2. Click the icon in the toolbox, draw a vertical circle.

3. Click the icon in the toolbox, draw a thin rectangle, the short side of the rectangle required the long axis of the ellipse are equal. Figure 2-2.

4. Select the ellipse, hold down the Ctrl key, then press and hold the left mouse button, and then moving horizontally oval, elliptical until moving to the other side of the rectangle, first click the right mouse button, then release the left mouse button, a copy of this oval Move on and completed on the production, as shown in Figure 2-3 on.

5. Select the rectangle and the left side of the oval, the implementation of array> Plastic> combine (arrange> shape> weld) command, there

weld dialog box, do not choose any dialog box, click the welded (weld to), click the left button inside the rectangle, the graphics, "welding", as shown in Figure 2-3.

6. Select the right side of the oval, the implementation of array> Plastic> Trim (arrange> shape> trim) command, trim dialog box appears, do not choose any dialog box, click the cut at (trim), left click inside the rectangle button, the graphic "trimming", shown below in Figure 2-3.

7. Select the left has been welded graphics, click the icon in the toolbox, the fill color for the graphics. Type of linear, angle 270, the edge width of 4% for the custom color mix, three color settings.

First position: C3 M2 Y21 K0 position 0%

Second place: C5 M4 Y68 K0 80% position

The third position: C7 M5 Y92 K0 position is 100%

As shown in Figure 2-4.


8. After step 2 to step 6 to map out the front of the pen, and adjust the graph by tools, if you want to enhance the effect in the pen to draw some ripple, I feel more texture, we can look at their play, to adjust certain details place, the effect will be even better:). The final results shown in Figure 2-5.

9. Just do the following to the pen on the front to do a fill, click the icon in the toolbox, the type of linear, angle of -90, the edge width of 2%, the color harmony is the custom, here are five kinds of color settings.

First Color: C13 M12 Y12 K0 position 0%

The second color: C2 M3 Y2 K0 position is 15%

Third Color: C7 M6 Y5 K0 position is 45%

The fourth color: C0 M0 Y0 K20 position of 75%

Fifth Color: C0 M0 Y0 K0 position 100%

Click OK, fill out!

10. Click the toolbox in the brush core look, filled with blue color, in order to achieve the transparent effect of the front document department, we interact transparent cartridge production, click the icon in the toolbox on the cartridge to effect treatment, remember is the cartridge, the effect shown in Figure 2-6.

11. After the application of the above, we can now produce their own pen, and color to hold their own, reflect on the use of metallic gray gradient, a few more positions, the effect will be better.

12,. Tip well, you can start making some of the high light pen, the pen drawing on top of a white strip, and then apply the interactive graphics to reconcile reconciliation tools, application methods in the previous section have introduced here not in say, do not know a friend can look at a holder of the production process, produced after the application of tools for interactive shadows, the shadow effect on the document for processing. Finally the overall results as shown in Figure 2-7.

13. The following description document to take the production began, we learn through the above should be able to draw out the document to take the basic shape, refer to Figure 2-8.

14. The following graphics to do is to fill, making it a three-dimensional, first on the above graphic to fill, fill color and

Pen, like, set about position on it, plus about moderate the effects of high light, will be more real, the final application is submitted

Interactive projection tool works on our projection, some of the specific details we can play themselves. This class on here, the most

See Figure 2-1 after the effect of, oh Do not we look tired out, but seeing the results of their feelings is not bad. The next section, we conducted

Some complex graphics, we learn to make sailing, good results, the next goodbye! :)

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RUP anti-pattern

Anti-pattern is not doing anything: some activities, practices or methods seem valuable, but is ready to complete what has not helped. This article discusses the various RUP anti-pattern collection from Black Diamond Software guidance RUP users in a variety of different sizes, composed of technical, environmental and industrial project experience. This article discusses the nature of each type of anti-patterns, and how to avoid measures.
1. Waterfall RUP
"We demand the current iteration is the next iteration is the design"
Those who have been following a strict waterfall development process of the people concerned, waterfalls RUP is one of the easiest mistakes. Waterfall RUP is the anti-mode reason is simple: it does not help reduce the risk, but risk reduction is a fundamental principle of the RUP. RUP iterative development requires that each iteration should be an application of the "small release." Each iteration a small demand, design, development and testing links, and to hand over the application of a running part. Using this approach, demand, design, implementation and testing issues in each iteration have been "washed" and demanded to solve the problem the sooner the better (to solve the problem the sooner the less the cost of their consumption).
If not converted into iterative waterfall stage, what will happen? Function block will be iterative, use case as a functional "piece" basis. RUP usually indicates the priority of use cases, but also the risks inherent in the decision shows how the use case is divided into iterations.
2. Ready - set-RUP
"The company said that everyone should follow the RUP, so let us begin"
Decided to adopt the RUP as a methodology is usually from the top leadership. CIO, CTO or other senior technology leadership decided that all new projects must follow the RUP. Then decide how each department will apply RUP to their projects, so they purchase the methodology and believe that they are ready. The first project group to accept certain RUP training started in full swing. Strict as far as possible the implementation of the methodology requirements, but it seems somewhat difficult to tolerate-RUP too large so they are trapped in the disciplines, artifacts, milestones among the lost. If the project completion date approached, but they still fall into the mire of methodology, they despair, they will return to their original RUP known but not the way to solve the problem. The project team used to have good intentions, but to be able to complete the task before the last date of the final return to their original understanding of the best way.
RUP is a very big way, and handle it alone is a difficult task. The RUP methodology has to adapt to different organizations, such as waterfall model, the first of a RUP project is a great challenge, beyond the typical project challenges. When it is fully implementing the down, you will find the reasons for the adoption of RUP, RUP's effectiveness will be found, so return to the original method of treatment can not be accepted.
That next step should do? The next step is to implement organization-wide RUP. Try to establish a support structure, the purpose is to enable the project team members do not often deviate from their goal. You may find that you need other people with the help of rich experience in RUP, which means that recruitment of an employee background RUP or RUP have access to help from outside the channel. In fact, you really need is to decide how to apply RUP to a specific project, and how to use RUP related technologies, such as use case development. Sometimes a little guide will help you go the many detours.
3. RUP-the sum of all the tools
"We have Rational tools, we have been ready to start"
This is another "ready - set-RUP", is a distorted understanding of tools. In this anti-pattern, the project team has RUP methodology and Rational's tools, they are ready to start a RUP project. The problem is that not all tools and RUP. These tools can help facilitate the implementation of the RUP's many activities, but the use of these tools do not ensure effective implementation of the RUP. Do you know the application of these tools are ready to do something? Do you know how you can do for software development process? As an example, if you use the Requisite ProTM to demand management, then you know how to ensure the needs of the entire project team to share information is it? How will the needs of Requisite ProTM is collecting feedback to the users? Know how to use Rational tools are very important, but understanding of the activities supported by these tools as well as the correlation between these activities is necessary. In short, the implementation of RUP may drive you to use these tools, not because of the tool to use tools.
Be familiar with the concept of RUP. To think about these ideas before you familiar with the concept of what methodological similarities and differences. Be familiar with the Rational Tool Mentor, the guide for you to use Rational tools to implement the RUP to provide many valuable suggestions.
4. IT is an island
"IT follows the RUP, it was enough, right?"
In your IT organization has decided to use a RUP implementation projects. Project team members received training in RUP, but have the necessary tools, and hired an expert with extensive experience in RUP, it is now ready for implementation, right? Are you considering external factors on the RUP implementation of the IT impact? RUP every step of the system requirements are used to describe the use cases, the best is based on information provided directly by the user. But your users ready to spend time to establish and review the use case yet? Cases that they know what is it? Your DBA has received training in RUP it? They are prepared to use iterative methods to accept data model / table change request? So let all the members know how RUP is affected, and know how to help RUP project success is very important.
5. When will we start coding
"Use case is too time-consuming, so we encode it once"
Use case is time-consuming. Indeed. But through non-stop coding, coding, and then encoded to find "hidden" way to not take the time to demand it? The development needs arising from the frequency of what? Although the use case can not be established to ensure that all needs are covered, it may not be able to meet the needs of all users, but using this method than the "get a little demand for encoding" to more efficient, because after all, before the development of this method is requirement analysis, and in the development of the price adjustment needs are enormous.
Project managers more eager than the end of the developer use cases and start coding, it is not surprising. Developers often say, "now has a lot of information," and at a time when the project manager will check his schedule, concern about being able to complete the project. After the establishment of complete use case to complete the user business objectives of the user / system iterative model to exist. This use case model for developers in addition to system requirements, but also can be a test plan and training materials, an important input material.
6. When completely better?
"We need to start doing all the iterations of a project assessment and evaluation throughout the project will adhere to"
How many times have you been asked to do less for your accurate assessment of the project, assuming that there are loopholes in the assessment is based on very limited information and may carry out the project in great changes, and no matter how wrong they are, These assessments will always be retained? Conservative to say that, to some extent, we all did.
RUP is aimed at eliminating this practice, it requires the global project to do the initial assessment, requires that each iteration should be evaluated prior to implementation. Begin to understand when the information is still relatively low, the may be a "low resolution" in project evaluation, project information with the understanding of in-depth, it can be modified. From each iteration, obtained knowledge of assessment are entered into the next iteration of the evaluation or the overall assessment. Another "time box" (time-boxing) can manage the scope. This approach advocates not finish within the budget time to cut or delay functions, and not to delay the budget time.
This method work? The answer is that this method only the company's senior leadership, and when users are in favor of the RUP can be implemented, because they decided to approve or reject the project budget, project completion date of the application of project delays and changes. We stress again that "IT is an island" anti-model, external factors have a tremendous impact on the success of the project team.
7. Recipes RUP
"RUP, where the rules? I need handholding"
RUP provides recipes the same way as a right, "RUP recipe" for each recipe corresponds to a different project? The answer is no. RUP provides guidance only and does not need to follow rigid rules, because any one item is different. Specific user groups, as well as problems associated with the current team's core competencies are dynamic, and even change the physical location of project members are not the scope of any one recipe can be fully identified. So it simply can not exist a universal recipe.
So how do you implement your project? The first step you need to spend some time to customize your specific project RUP, the next step for your project set up for development. Established in the initial stage of this piece describes how to customize the RUP to meet the specific needs of the project.
8. RUP is omnipotent
"We follow the RUP, so all project management, team and organizational issues will be resolved"
RUP for the management and implementation of the project provided valuable guidance, but it is not a panacea. It can tell how to become effective managers, a good programmer, a useful or efficient organization team members. For example, RUP project management wizard can RUP methodology to explain how to organize, plan and implement a project, but project managers need to know how to manage their duties, members of the completion date. RUP provides design and construction of the guide, but programmers need to know how to program. RUP has been adopted for the organization need to know how to integrate and support the new methodology. Not all of the organizations, projects and team members have the power to do so. But this does not mean that RUP can not be accepted, but implies the need to face a painful and tortuous process of learning, or need additional help.
9. Too - the force of the RUP
"We must perfect and complete establishment of all of the RUP artifacts"
Consequences of doing so is that you never finish your project.
And, like many other methodologies, RUP also contains a lot of activities and artifacts, these activities and artifacts within a reasonable time can not be completed. RUP does not require that the project must follow the definition of all its activities and artifacts. In fact the new project, RUP first task is to establish development case - used to determine the need for all the work piece. The organization of the project here, different factors such as skill level to determine which parts are important, such as when the design, you need to create a sequence diagram, collaboration diagram, class diagram and state transition map? Perhaps unnecessary. Maybe you in each use case is really needed is the development of class diagrams and sequence used to represent complex logic diagram; maybe you're developing a workflow project, describe the state transition information is very important when you need state transition diagram . In short, that each project has its own focus of the piece needs.
Decision in a particular subject (disciplines) to select or exclude parts which may be very difficult. The key here is that you have to understand the needs of project organization, part of the reading and complete project tasks; also need to understand the parts needed, iterative process can be used as factors. Project team once or several times during iteration, the need to consider increasing the number that is not important in the initial stage, but now appears to have the necessary parts.
In addition, create jobs while some bitterness, but not very difficult. Level of detail of each piece and the amount of information and artifacts have to solve the problem of complexity, and adaptation. For example, a need to take 2 months to complete the project, the business use cases as possible so comprehensive enterprise-wide project - such as SAP.
We have discussed some of the anti-RUP model, follow the RUP methodology attempts to avoid them. We have already discussed to overcome or avoid the practice of these anti-patterns. To remember is that the new method takes time, and try and error is often the best way to learn. Not very important in a number of projects implemented in RUP, learn from experience and share it with it

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BenQ compete in, with a hope that the road

- Company News Help

In 2008, the BenQ Group, completed a series of strategic layout, software and services to increase investment in Taiwan has completed a well-known star of the business providing B2B technology acquisition, will group 10 years of experience in global R & D IT Service Centre to join the range of services to promote the BenQ compete in terms of human resources, collaborative knowledge management, supply chain, ERP system to further expand into the online service (SaaS), business process outsourcing (BPO) and IT outsourcing (IT Service) services for Chinese enterprises provides a comprehensive product-based, service-oriented all-round information service.

In the past quarter, in response to a new mission, new forces to join (star of science and technology and service center BenQ Group companies) and long-term commitment to customers, BenQ chase the deer in the organization and business processes to make the corresponding adjustment completed by the process of organizational change in the organization to function:

Business extension - from Chinese enterprises in the high-end information technology services company with clients for the growth of development provides a full range of information services (not just including the information system, but also the IT Service, BPO, SaaS) business.

Resources more fully - by BenQ chase the deer, BBSC (BenQ Enterprise Information Service Center), star of the integration of science and technology, BenQ competing against the collection of the information system, information services, network technology, expertise and talents, for a new round of growth of a solid base of talent and expertise.

As with Chinese characteristics, and international standards, Wei Ke Hu Guan Li to provide continuous service in the happy master, in the past few years, BenQ compete in more than hundreds of China's outstanding medium and large provide the Gao Pin Zhi Qi Ye's Information Service. The next 10 years, BenQ will compete in the information system as the cornerstone of integrated Internet technology and professional service system, providing easy access for Chinese enterprises (SaaS), high-quality information technology (IT Service) and business process outsourcing (BPO) services .

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Ultimate practicing four cents lets you easily got to the 99

Cheat codes銆?銆恥ltimate exercises at four cents, faster than a frog, crescent, exile Yuan, four sacred, let you easily got to the 99

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Layer into the second floor in the front, one can only blame is 3 called [Cang angle] strange

Just at the door of his position, that is, if the return from the second floor level, will read the map at once met him

(1) fighting the battle for automatic adjustment

(2) to find two coins, the [Backspace] and [space bar] fixed the

(3) rating of 40 or more preferably, the blood will fall, then more attention to their blood

From the floor into the second floor, this time because of pressing back key role will automatically retreat back to level

Into the floor, it will immediately experience the rebirth can only blame, and then automatically fight

After the battle, because the pressing back button, it will then proceed to the second floor

This role began to [Auto] in practice, according to the space bar is to make the final display of speed was faster

Because it can only blame the attack power is very low, it can not lead a pedestrian killed

However, if the level is really low, you can first take care of, so let the role of higher level play of their own

This is an experience in a 1940, out of money and items are also good, a minute can play 4.5 games

1 minute with 8748 experience points, 5 minutes with 43,740, an hour with 524 880

5 min 43 740, far more than other ways of practicing

People who want a sense of participation, is also OK to use your fingers An Zhao

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Xu Xiangchun: long and short term iron ore negotiations, and Worry

October 24, the Chinese iron and steel raw materials held in Qingdao International Symposium on the major domestic steel mills, the world's three major iron ore producers, the Ministry of Commerce and the China Steel Association attended the meeting, participants exchange supply and demand around the iron ore market views. Iron ore prices next year to, I believe that more and more clear downward trend.

From January to September, the National production of 297.46 million tons of pig iron, up 20.83%, iron ore output of 405.82 million tons, up 37.67 percent. Domestic iron ore production growth, has greatly eased the domestic iron ore supply-demand gap, the rapid expansion of the steel industry with raw material guarantee. Quotes from the market perspective, this year, the domestic mining, mineral and other Indian spot ore prices below long-term agreements in Brazil mine, completely reversing 2004,2005 higher than in the spot ore mine in Brazil's pattern of long-term agreement. Reflect the spot market price sensitive market supply and demand, changes in the pattern shows that the situation in short supply of iron ore has become the past. In addition, look at the international commodity markets, crude oil prices fell to sign a declaration of the international commodity market bull market has ended, the China factor is the gradual restoration of exaggerated character, not the market enthusiastically participated in the theme. In this backdrop, if the iron ore producer status by virtue of an oligopoly, demand factors are still firmly grasp tightly and ignored the changes in market supply and demand, insist on iron prices in 2007 is against the law of the marketplace. In general, the buyer began to tilt the balance the negotiations. However, the present and future problems must be aware of.

China's steel mills in 2006 the first official participation in international iron ore price negotiations, the domestic public attention, have eagerly, determined to talk about a "China price." Reality tells us that the bargaining power of Chinese steel mills still weak.

Iron ore negotiations "to buy three of the Quartet to sell" multi-game, either party may have control in accordance with their interests and reach an agreement with the other chips, not because China is the biggest buyer and enjoy the additional benefits. In accordance with the rules negotiations, any of a negotiated agreement is essentially the final outcome of the negotiations, comeback unlikely. That the parties have bargaining power in the negotiations but no pricing power, but the strength of the bargaining power of various different.

Comparative analysis of Japanese and European steel mills, steel products from Europe and Japan can be found in high-end variety, the products a large profit margins, and in many mining projects have equity investments, ability to digest raw material costs than China, and receptive to iron ore producers higher price, when prices rose higher when the acceptable price may be acceptable when put smaller decline. 2005,2006 annual talks by the Japanese Nippon Steel and ThyssenKrupp of Germany first to reach 71.5% and 19% of the increase results fully demonstrated this point. Therefore, how communication and coordination on the European steel mills to avoid this situation would be the challenges facing China's steel mills.

China Iron & Steel Industry and scattered, with the right of the large iron ore imports, small and medium steel mills and traders up to Baiyu Jia, long external and inconsistent actions, together with large increases steel mill sold mine long-term agreements act provided for the iron ore the opportunity to play one. Largest iron ore consumer market can not be tempted in the negotiations or deterrence chips and weakened China's bargaining position. Negotiations next year, if the interests of all parties can not be coordinated, the internal line of defense was broken again is not impossible.

Easing the current supply and demand of iron ore, iron ore negotiations for the creation of favorable conditions. But to be clear that the supply of iron ore next few years is not optimistic, China's steel industry should take precautions.

China in industrialization and urbanization phase, steel consumption will maintain growth, the Chinese iron and steel industry there is much room for development, crude steel output in 2010 is expected to more than 500 million tons. As the domestic iron ore resource endowment is poor, the future dependence on imported ore to continue to rise.

Many studies showed that in 2010 the supply of seaborne iron ore was 938 million tons, an increase of 267 million tons over 2005; the world's seaborne iron ore demand in 2010 945 million tons, more than in 2005 279 million tons, iron ore Stone supply is still in tension. Market supply and demand structure: the three iron ore giants supply 694 million tons, accounting for 74% of market share; China imported 524 million tons of iron ore, accounting for 56% of demand, China's dependence on the mining companies to further improve . Chinese steel mills, the situation is still grim, in oligopolistic markets is also a tight supply situation, market oligopoly by regulating the production, tight supply situation caused by man, as much as possible price increases, forcing the buyer had to accept situation may repeat itself.

The predicted results also warn us: that the iron ore mining capacity expansion hopes on foreign manufacturers invested heavily in developing iron ore resources, the formation of oversupply and finally break the oligopoly structure of the idea is unrealistic. China's steel industry should establish a long-term strategic thinking, while intensifying the efforts to develop domestic mines the same time, more attention should be paid the exploitation of foreign iron ore resources. If the Chinese steel industry to invest heavily in the next few years, iron mining, to master the 1-2 million tons of new supply, will reduce the dependence of the three iron ore giants, get rid of the passive situation of subjection, not break the iron ore stone supply and demand situation, the Chinese iron ore to increase bargaining power, greatly enhance the bargaining power. In view of the Chinese steel industry's international competitiveness and maintain the sustained and healthy development of steel industry is very important.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

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