Friday, October 22, 2010

April cold air high-income earners do not face the workplace into a dead end

April, despite the warm sun is high spring out of the window, the job market has been quietly hit the cold air. Most of those who have paid higher in March found a favorite in-laws, but there are still some high-income earners wasted time, inadequate preparation, all kinds of random chance and jeopardize aircraft.

These people are not inadvertently switch to higher-paid, only because of job-seekers stick to the original rules, some efforts that rely on their own will be able to complete a new career move, but I do not know this already has changed market conditions in April, alone existing rules are not in this job in April the workplace was "pay machine."

CHR can be sharp professional consultants cases

Mr Chong is an outstanding sales director, his service is a highway in a high-tech companies, telecom system vendors and other charges. Although several men soldier, but mainly by Mr Chong business, he had 10 million individual performance each year. Because of its quality, the high cultural level, so most of his customers to order back. Mr Chong's friends are many, but also good at socializing, customers are willing to communicate with him. As the industry are in contact with the Secretary, the Director, CEOs, particularly high level of customer level, soldier who went to get it working, most of the time had to rely on him personally.

April talent flow, Mr Chong is also the chance of them smell. In this company for two years to create such a performance, he has full confidence of their own. Just throw him to the ball of executive search, recruit sales director of a large multinational, Mr Chong felt in terms of treatment or career prospects, all are good opportunities, and so he went.

However, while the host and guest speaking on background, but a reflection of search, it seems unlikely to succeed. Mainly due to the charge of transnational companies that, despite Mr Chong has a good performance, but is somewhat lacking in management may not have reached maturity for a large-scale group.
Mr Chong puzzled, are proud of the key to successful job performance is not it?

CHR can be sharp analysis of professional consultants

We asked Mr Chong, the current performance of the company whether it could do better, he said, can, however, suffer from his lack of time and energy are limited, so be it.

Mr Chong did our ability to test further the professional status and career management test, Mr Chong was found in the social competence and decisiveness, both got very high marks, but in organization and management capabilities are the general points.

Through the analysis of Mr Chong, the answer is ready to come out: he is currently in the main by the company in support of several managers, marketing managers are positioning their own roles in the Great salesman, they more often went to the front line face customers, their orders to take back to ourselves. Can be said that company was grow up, difficult to scale in industrial production, a very important reason is that the manager made a mistake, that is organized not use body position and not standing organizers organizations, has been in the use of personal power, rather than using the power of organization.

If that is a small company Shangju can single-handedly, so to a large multinational group, this set of naturally unpopular, even the best performance, if not good management, of course, can not afford the post of director of sales.

CHR can be sharp professional consulting solutions

If Mr Chong hopes to continue in the smaller company's development, his current performance has lead him to find a good club, but if you want to large companies, it can not suffer into a dead end, in the shortest possible time, up and down in the details in some detail.

One of the modern marketing manager's role is not myself, but we do organizations, recruitment, training, management, command, access to market through a team more successful. So, Mr Chong at least should be a time when discourse with recruiters actively talked about his understanding of management and systems go.
Inspired us, Mr Chong was recalled to the new tactics of the sales staff to do training, have their own experience with a number of management books, compiled over a training data, from the sales staff attitudes, skills, knowledge, appearance clothing, body language, civilization, language and psychological qualities of 11 clear, and conduct exercises in the training until the master. We advised him to enrich the data integration and appropriate, made a dedicated sales staff on manual, later proved, the employer had had to see this detailed training in information systems, management capacity has been on Mr Chong change.
In our proposal, Mr Chong with another large electric company human resources director interviews, in addition to the performance of his pride, but also talking about the building enterprise systems for management and their experiences and demonstrate some of his practice, at present, that company has sent a clear intention, hope had completed 51 long holiday, Mr Chong can become a member of one of them.

CHR can cause sharp professional consultants, president and chief career counselor, Mr. Bian Bingbin that

In the beginning the company created, managers create a more performance based on single-handedly led the soldiers to make the company the right track, but when the company developed to a certain size, the requirements of the managers will naturally be increased. If you do not clearly distinguish between the real needs of the company, simply to performance theory, may not have absolute odds.
Excellent personal management company is not good, but its build quality systems; is precisely because of good management system built. Under the conditions of perfect competition, the competitiveness of enterprises in the final analysis is the competition between systems, as a general manager of the important role of marketing is to build the system, winning.

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