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corelDRAW 10 produced two wonderful examples

corelDRAW 10 produced two wonderful examples

Hello, everybody, we met again, I do not know the knife was still on the back to do it? Looked at results of their efforts, heart is not very comfortable, and I too! Today we do a pen, making simple, just hope that through this section so that we can skillfully applied weld (weld) this tool.

Results shown in Figure 2-1.

The cases include pens and pen to take the drawing, in the creation process, we use a weld (welding), fountain fill tool (gradient fill tool), interactive transpareney tool (interactive transparency tool) and the drop shadow tool (interactive shadow tools). Hope that through this section of the study, these tools can have some idea.

Specific production steps:

1. Click the icon to create a new graphic file.

2. Click the icon in the toolbox, draw a vertical circle.

3. Click the icon in the toolbox, draw a thin rectangle, the short side of the rectangle required the long axis of the ellipse are equal. Figure 2-2.

4. Select the ellipse, hold down the Ctrl key, then press and hold the left mouse button, and then moving horizontally oval, elliptical until moving to the other side of the rectangle, first click the right mouse button, then release the left mouse button, a copy of this oval Move on and completed on the production, as shown in Figure 2-3 on.

5. Select the rectangle and the left side of the oval, the implementation of array> Plastic> combine (arrange> shape> weld) command, there

weld dialog box, do not choose any dialog box, click the welded (weld to), click the left button inside the rectangle, the graphics, "welding", as shown in Figure 2-3.

6. Select the right side of the oval, the implementation of array> Plastic> Trim (arrange> shape> trim) command, trim dialog box appears, do not choose any dialog box, click the cut at (trim), left click inside the rectangle button, the graphic "trimming", shown below in Figure 2-3.

7. Select the left has been welded graphics, click the icon in the toolbox, the fill color for the graphics. Type of linear, angle 270, the edge width of 4% for the custom color mix, three color settings.

First position: C3 M2 Y21 K0 position 0%

Second place: C5 M4 Y68 K0 80% position

The third position: C7 M5 Y92 K0 position is 100%

As shown in Figure 2-4.


8. After step 2 to step 6 to map out the front of the pen, and adjust the graph by tools, if you want to enhance the effect in the pen to draw some ripple, I feel more texture, we can look at their play, to adjust certain details place, the effect will be even better:). The final results shown in Figure 2-5.

9. Just do the following to the pen on the front to do a fill, click the icon in the toolbox, the type of linear, angle of -90, the edge width of 2%, the color harmony is the custom, here are five kinds of color settings.

First Color: C13 M12 Y12 K0 position 0%

The second color: C2 M3 Y2 K0 position is 15%

Third Color: C7 M6 Y5 K0 position is 45%

The fourth color: C0 M0 Y0 K20 position of 75%

Fifth Color: C0 M0 Y0 K0 position 100%

Click OK, fill out!

10. Click the toolbox in the brush core look, filled with blue color, in order to achieve the transparent effect of the front document department, we interact transparent cartridge production, click the icon in the toolbox on the cartridge to effect treatment, remember is the cartridge, the effect shown in Figure 2-6.

11. After the application of the above, we can now produce their own pen, and color to hold their own, reflect on the use of metallic gray gradient, a few more positions, the effect will be better.

12,. Tip well, you can start making some of the high light pen, the pen drawing on top of a white strip, and then apply the interactive graphics to reconcile reconciliation tools, application methods in the previous section have introduced here not in say, do not know a friend can look at a holder of the production process, produced after the application of tools for interactive shadows, the shadow effect on the document for processing. Finally the overall results as shown in Figure 2-7.

13. The following description document to take the production began, we learn through the above should be able to draw out the document to take the basic shape, refer to Figure 2-8.

14. The following graphics to do is to fill, making it a three-dimensional, first on the above graphic to fill, fill color and

Pen, like, set about position on it, plus about moderate the effects of high light, will be more real, the final application is submitted

Interactive projection tool works on our projection, some of the specific details we can play themselves. This class on here, the most

See Figure 2-1 after the effect of, oh Do not we look tired out, but seeing the results of their feelings is not bad. The next section, we conducted

Some complex graphics, we learn to make sailing, good results, the next goodbye! :)

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